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Phoenix businesses have been depending on Paid In Full for outstanding B2B and B2C debt collection services since 2002.

Performance, Service, Success
Our mission is simple:
Deliver a highly user-friendly relationship you can trust,
developed through a firm commitment to excellence.

We build long-term client partnerships built around each client’s definition of excellence.

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Why PIF?

While all quality agencies have essentially the same software, hardware, skip tracing, telephone and internet capabilities, etc. – these are only tools.  What distinguishes PIF from other agencies is the level of commitment to our clients throughout every level of our organization.  How does this benefit our clients?

Our approach to client service is to provide you with a “Total Service Package” built around your definition of the ideal agency relationship. We will work continuously with you to refine and enhance every aspect of our relationship, including outstanding communications and reporting. Our goal is to be the most “user-friendly” agency you have ever worked with.
For PIF, this is a core capability and an essential element of our corporate character that defines who we are as an organization. While our staff are all PIF employees, they know that they work for you.
PIF is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. We are guided by the belief that business must be conducted to the highest levels of professionalism.
At PIF, “professionalism” is not an empty sales slogan. We learned long ago that we do not collect more money by making an enemy of the debtor. We approach each account in a non-adversarial spirit of cooperation, with a level of positive professionalism that gets results. This virtually eliminates complaints while increasing recoveries.
The wide array of services we provide to our clients combined with our level of performance, makes us a truly value-added resource that you can count on, regardless of your company’s needs – whether ongoing, changing, or one-time projects.
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Quality Client Partnerships

Outstanding consumer relations is of paramount importance to us. It is our job to increase collections while enhancing your image through “Quality of Service”.  Even excellent recovery rates will be undercut and diminished in value if the agency increases its client’s costs through inefficiency and increased administrative burden – whether through consumer complaints, inaccurate reports, or poor client service. PIF defines a quality partnership by the total value we provide to our clients:

  1. outstanding consumer relations
  2. responsive client service
  3. efficiency and accuracy in communications and reporting
  4. total compliance with all contractual requirements
  5. highly effective data security and legal compliance

You will find meeting with our executives to be a refreshing change of pace from conventional collection agencies.  No “canned” sales pitches, no assumptions about what is best for you, no unprofessional salespeople interested only in making a sale.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs, requirements, goals and preferences; so that our senior management team can develop a specific program proposal that will detail how we would deliver on your definition of the ideal agency relationship.

“We have been using Paid In Full since 2006 to collect debts owed by our commercial property tenants as a result of their lease defaults.  Paid In Full’s complete service offering allows us to forward accounts and essentially forget about them until we get a check.  PIF reports delinquent consumer accounts to the credit bureaus, they make repeated calls and have lawsuits filed against those that owe us money when necessary.  They then work tirelessly to locate employers and bank accounts in order to enforce awarded judgments.  Their level of communication is second to none.  I highly recommend Paid In Full.”

– Betsy Ewbank, Inverness Commercial Real Estate

Paid In Full, Inc. –

Focused on Building Long-Term Client Partnerships

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