About Our Collection Agency in Phoenix, Arizona

PIF began collection operations in 2002 and since that time has grown to become one of the most effective service organizations in the industry.  We have found that to be successful, the collector must utilize non-alienating communication techniques to achieve payment, because if the collection process makes an enemy of your consumer, payment is much less likely to be secured.  We contact each account in a spirit of cooperation, not as an adversary.  Our goal is to help the consumer to get their bill paid.

License / Professional Organizations

PIF is a member in good standing of the following organizations:

ACA International (formerly American Collectors Association)
Arizona Collectors Association
Executives’ Association of Greater Phoenix


Because we are a centralized collection operation in Phoenix, Arizona, we are able to take advantage of a level of internal controls that the huge multi-branch consolidation firms can only dream of.  This enables us to re-invest a larger portion of our revenues back into the collection process.  For our clients this means better quality collectors, better quality managers, better training, better quality controls, more comprehensive collection efforts, deeper resources, and ultimately – better results.

“It has been a pleasure collaborating with Paid In Full.  We appreciate the professionalism and the tens of thousands of dollars you have recovered for us sine 2018.”
– Cassandra, HonorHealth

“Paid In Full is a great company. They always get back to me in a timely manner and ALWAYS answer all my questions or concerns. Our patients also never complain about the way they are treated when they talk to Paid In Full personnel. Everyone is great there. I love to be able to go on the portal and check balances at any time. They have recovered tens of thousands of dollars for us through their effective and compliant processes.  I would highly recommend Paid In Full.”
– Tina, Arizona Eye Specialists

“We are absolutely happy with your company and services.  Thank you for all that you do!”
– Dana, Exclusive Pool Service Co.

“I seriously appreciate you and your team so much. You guys really are absolutely amazing. I really cannot thank you enough. I love knowing you are in my corner.”
–  Rhonda, Graphic Designer

Simply put, we invest more money into each client’s accounts in order to get more money out of those accounts for our clients

… and we are willing to put more into client service in order to deliver on YOUR definition of the ideal agency relationship.

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