Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of PIF’s culture.  The effectiveness of any client relationship is contingent upon the commitment to quality of an agency’s management and staff.  Without a strong personal commitment to high quality from everyone involved, quality control, in any real sense, simply cannot happen. Such things as quality control check points, supervision, and systems support will all be ineffective if everyone involved does not believe in the value of performing at the highest level possible.

By focusing our benchmarks and quality assurance goals on individual client-driven needs, requirements and preferences; we maintain long term, mutually profitable quality partnerships with our clients, high employee retention, and  a management team that understands that serving our clients defines who we are as an organization – and we can never be satisfied with the status-quo.

“My company has been a client of Paid In Full, Inc. (PIF) since 2004. Over the past years we have had significant success in recouping amounts owed to our company. This success is primarily due to the processes developed by PIF. Every interaction with PIF’s staff over the past decade has been friendly, professional and informative. After interviewing several companies prior to engaging PIF, it was clear that the model developed and used by PIF results in greater than expected returns and, perhaps most importantly, is substantially less intrusive than others.”

– Ken Diamond, Auto Title Loans of Phoenix

Our clients tell us that our dedication to quality and excellence has consistently kept us a step above our competition. This is because our clients define quality, not us. Our job is to understand and embrace that definition, and do everything within our power to deliver on that expectation every single day.

We simply do not allow for anything but the highest quality work. We have found it less expensive to do things right the first time, and this is part of our corporate culture.

PIF’s commitment to quality is ingrained into every employee, from the moment they are hired. Receivables Management is a “service” business, and our job is to serve our clients. Our commitment is to the success and strength of your department and your organization.

While our staff may be PIF employees,

they know that they work for you.

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