Online Tools & Advanced Technology

Data Processing

Our software package is Collect! by Comtech Systems, Inc.  Our online access allows you to view and print statistical performance reports, account information, place notes on accounts, place accounts with PIF, and report payments.  Additionally, it is a great tool for auditing as you can perform remote audits from the comfort of your office 24/7/365.


Voice Recording Technology

All collection conversations, outgoing and incoming, are recorded.  Both collector and consumer are aware that the conversation is being recorded, thus enhancing professionalism and mutual civility while decreasing frivolous complaints from consumers.


Secure Client Communications

PIF’s secure FTP site and Client Portal provide secure data exchange between PIF and our clients.  All email communications that contain confidential data are encrypted.

Data Security

Security is a primary focus at PIF and is part of our core culture, whether physical, network, or data security.  Safeguarding confidential information is not new to us.  Our extensive and ongoing employee training programs stress the importance of maintaining confidentiality.  All of our employees sign a confidentiality agreement which emphasizes the need to safeguard information entrusted to us. Violation of our confidentiality policies can lead to termination of employment.

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